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How to Choose Window Treatments for an Unusual Window | Ashtons Blinds
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A uniquely shaped window can often be the quaint thing that attracts you to a particular house when you are looking for a new home. However, once you get moved in and find that it is now up to you to select window treatments for your home, that one window can be like the elephant in the room. It’s the last one you deal with because it is an obvious problem. When people ask why it is a plain window, you might try to convince them that you really like it bare, but they’ll know, and you’ll know, that is far from the truth. Don’t despair as there are window treatments that will work great for even the most unusual window.

Window Treatments

Just as you would any window, you must first decide what you want to accomplish. Do you need privacy? How much light do you want to enter? Do you want to make this unusual window a focal point or would you rather just make it less conspicuous? What is your budget? By answering these questions and discussing them with a window treatment professional, you’ll be able to get solutions that will meet your needs.

Nearly any type of window treatments can be made-to-order to custom fit a window. There is also the option to use appropriate hardware to put window treatments around an opening so that it appears to be a conventional shape. If you are struggling with a window that has you stumped, give us a call at Ashtons Blinds. We have had more than 15 years to deal with even the biggest elephant in the room and make your window coverings come together with your décor and personal style. Call us today to learn more.