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How to Properly Select Cellular Shades | Ashtons Blinds
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Cellular shades are a popular type of window shades. There are two main types: roll-up or fold-up. Cellular shades have crisp pleats to allow them to fold up. They come in many colours, sizes and light control choices. Here is some information for you to consider when selecting your cellular shades to help you select the right shade for you.

How to Properly Select Cellular Shades

  • Opacity – Opacity is how much light the cellular shades allow into a room. Depending on where in your home the shades are located, you may want more or less light coming through your shades. It is important to consider the activities that will be occurring in the room before deciding on the opacity. In a room where you will be sleeping or watching TV you may want to consider opaque cellular shades. For bathrooms and laundry rooms you may want to get sheer or semi-sheer. There is also a semi-opaque option to consider as well.
  • Insulation Options – Depending on the amount of insulation you would like in your home you can select single cell or double cell cellular shades. The double cell option provides more insulation and costs more. You will want to select the shade that fits your budget and matches your insulation desires.
  • Pleat Options – You can choose the size of pleats you would like in your shades. There are many options to choose from. We recommend using larger pleat sizes in larger windows, and smaller pleats for smaller windows.

Cellular shades are a popular option for many homeowners. They are popular because of their many options and because they are attractive looking in any room.