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With so many types of window coverings out there, you are able to get most any style or type that you need for any size, shape or style of window! A nice and neutral option that manyhomebuyers are loving today for all their windows are actually cellular shades. Cellular shades (sometimes called honeycomb shades) are layers of material that are manufactured in such a way that, when turned to the side, they resemble a honeycomb structure. Many people enjoy the look of cellular shades, but what really brings them over the top are some of their other advantages:

  • Light filtering– Many people enjoy the light filtering advantage that you can get from cellular shades. Unlike blinds or curtains, where light either comes in directly or is blocked out, cellular shades let the light in, but also disperse it so there’s not a glaring beam of sunlight making its way in.

homebuyers are loving today for all their windows are actually cellular shades

  • Noise cancellation– Remember earlier when we talked about the layers that make up cellular shades? Those layers do more than just contribute to the structure of your cellular shades — they also work as extra layers to cancel out excessive noise that might make its way inside.
  • Safety– Many children and pets choke or are strangled every year from hanging cord blinds. Cellular shades, however, work with the touch of a button and can be raised from the bottom up or worked from the bottom down. No cords mean safer for children and pets.

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