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Blackout shades as a natural way to relieve migraine symptoms has become the talk of the town! So, if you are one of the members of the population suffering from occasional or chronic migraines, this article is written just for you. Blackout shades really can help when you need it most.

Blackout shades as a natural way to relieve migraine symptoms

If you’ve ever suffered from a migraine, you know that when a migraine hits, you won’t have the energy to cover the windows, run to the store for ginger and earplugs, and find headphones for all the kids on every device. Most often, you are suddenly incapacitated by a little “snap” of a switch inside your head which makes your head feel like it might burst. Movement, light, noise and vibrations have suddenly all risen to Enemy Number One status in a flash.

If this drama sounds all too familiar to you and you don’t want to go crawling into your closet to hide until the migraine passes – black out shades like cellular shades may just be the coolest trick we have to tell you about! As you know, typical blinds block most of the light, but there are always gaps that let just that little bit of light in, especially around the sides and at the top. It can be hard to find a stylish way to block out these remaining rays of light when your tolerance has ebbed to zero. However, if you have blackout shades, you already have the shade held tight to the window using magnets to hold in the sides for a complete blackout. Migraine recovery underway? Try our blackout shades before the next time you need a blackout.