Roller Blinds Are Easy on the Eyes and Easy to Use

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If you prefer window coverings that have a clean, minimalistic appearance, you may want to consider roller blinds. This type of blind is composed of a single sheet of fabric wrapped around a cylindrical mechanism that is mounted to the top of the window.

Roller Blinds Are Easy on the Eyes and Easy to Use

Roller blinds are easy on the eyes because they look simple and are also economical since the blinds use only as much fabric as is necessary to cover the entire window. Rather than having soft curves as curtains do, roller blinds have clean, sharp lines that complement modern décor. Our custom roller blinds make for even cleaner lines and an overall superior appearance, since we can cut your blinds to fit the exact dimensions of your window.

Using roller blinds is straightforward. Of course, there are multiple ways to raise and lower roller blinds because different roller blinds use different operating systems. There are cordless, continuous cord loop, and motorized blind systems, but each of these is fairly intuitive. Roller blinds are also easy to maintain because they last a long time and only require minimal dusting and cleaning with mild soap.

At Ashtons Blinds, we have an excellent selection of roller blinds in various colours and fabrics. Whether you want your roller blinds to blend in with the rest of the room or to make a statement, we have options that should suit your tastes. We have a showroom where you can come see our selection, but nothing beats seeing your options in your own home or business. That’s why we want to come to you. Contact us today to schedule your free on-site consultation!