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Are Blackout Curtains Really That Beneficial? Let’s Explore | Ashtons Blinds
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When it comes to curtains, a lot of us have ideas about what we want them to look like! The fact of the matter is that we often spend so much time focusing on what our curtains look like that we forget to focus on the features that our curtains can provide for us. Blackout curtains can be an addition to light filtering curtains or as a stand-alone option, but many people wonder, are they really worth it? Let’s find out!

Blackout curtains

The needs for a very dark room are often downplayed- until you’ve had the pleasure of owning them yourself! While most curtains, even dark ones, allow for a certain amount of light to shine through, blackout curtains give you the option of creating a dark room at any time of day without any light filtering through. This ability to block light can help you save money on your utility bills as well by keeping the harsh rays out during the hot summers and also adding a layer of insulation.

Many people enjoy these types of curtains for deeper sleep. Additionally, many parents enjoy blackout curtains to keep their children from waking at 5 a.m. during the early summer days or to help their babies take longer naps. People who work graveyard shifts can use blackout curtains to sleep deeply during the day. Media rooms or movie rooms could also use blackout curtains to create a theatre-like experience.

Blackout curtains can provide you with better sleep and lower energy bills. At Ashtons Blinds, we can help you create attractive blackout curtains with a huge variety of fabrics, colors and patterns. Good sleep and comfortable movie experiences are only a phone call away!