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Anyone who has ever had a cat in their household knows that windows are the ultimate plaything for their pet. They will spend endless hours watching birds outdoors and anything that comes between them and that window is fair game for attack. That is why if you have one or more cats, you’re going to need cat-proof window coverings.

Window Coverings

Sorry to mislead you, but the best you are really going to accomplish is to go with a pet-friendly product because there really isn’t any type of window coverings that are completely cat-proof. Even smooth vertical blinds which are resistant to cats climbing up them as they would with other types are not impervious to a determined feline. Here are a few tips, however, that can help you select window coverings that have a better chance and that are safer for your furry friends.

  • Avoid strangulation risk. You should avoid window coverings that have a drawstring if you have cats, just as you would for young children. There are cordless varieties of most types of window treatments and if you go with motorized, you’ll be able to move them up out of the way during the day when your cat is most active at the window.
  • Don’t go cheap. Bargain materials and craftsmanship won’t cut it when your feline is hanging on them. Ask anyone with those thin aluminum blinds and they’ll tell you that they lasted about a week after bringing home the new cat (if that long!). You should instead opt for strong materials, such as vinyl shutters.
  • Avoid fabrics. Your cats are already going to be enamored with what is outside the window. If you give them fabric window coverings, you’ve just given them the ideal scratching post too as well as an easy-to-climb jungle gym toy.

Here at Ashton Blinds, we understand what it is like to want a beautiful home as well as an adorable cat or two. In our 15+ years of experience, we’ve heard our fair share of stories about window coverings that were far from the “cat’s meow” in terms of winning the battle with an inquisitive cat. We are happy to meet with you during an in-home consultation to go over the options we recommend for surviving that feline’s natural instincts. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.