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If you have been on the fence about going with wooden shutters or curtains for one or more windows in your home, it is almost as frustrating as choosing between two amazing donuts! You’ll be happy to learn that you can successfully pair them together to get the best of both worlds. In fact, the result can be quite astonishing and really pull a room’s décor together. Here are a few tips for getting the look you want and maintaining the functionality that has you enamoured with wooden shutters in the first place.

Wooden Shutters

First of all, choose curtains that help to emphasize the window by creating the same complete look that a frame gives a work of art. This will warm the overall effect, especially if both your wooden shutters and your wall color is neutral. Have fun with the colours and patterns, which can also be continued into other décor such as throw pillows or even the upholstery of one or two furniture pieces in the room.

The next thing to remember is to choose the hardware carefully. Since you’ll be drawing the curtains to the sides to operate the wooden shutters, the rod should have the right finish and be high quality. It should also be long enough to span beyond the window so that you can pull the curtains all the way to the edge of the wooden shutters. Where you mount the rod is important as well. For example, go higher above the window to make your windows appear taller and add visual height to the room. You can go anywhere from 6” above the window to right up at the ceiling.

The final tip is to work with an experienced window covering professional to choose the wooden shutters and curtains that will give you the look and functionality you are hoping for. Here at Ashtons Blinds, we have helped our customers achieve great things during our 15+ years of business. We offer a free in-home consultation, so we can see your home and provide you with answers to your questions. Call today to schedule your appointment and you’ll soon be on your way to beautiful windows that reflect your style and suit your décor perfectly.