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Two of the most common types of window treatments are curtains and window blinds. Both are great options for your home or business, but which one is a good fit for you? Here is a comparison of curtains vs. window blinds.

Curtains vs. Window Blinds


  • Pros –With curtains, you have a big design opportunity as there are endless patterns and fabrics to choose from. Curtains also do an excellent job at blocking out the light, and this can be achieved by choosing black-out curtains. This also makes curtains more energy efficient.
  • Cons – The major con to curtains is the price point. Curtains are generally more expensive. Additionally, curtains are a lot harder to clean compared to blinds.


  • Pros – What makes blinds appealing is the price. Blinds are inexpensive compared to curtains. Blinds are easy to clean and maintain as they require little maintenance. You also have more light control — if you would like a small amount of light to come through your windows you can adjust your blinds accordingly.
  • Cons – With blinds you have minimal design options like you otherwise would have with curtains. Blinds also lack in energy efficiency as light isn’t fully blocked out with the use of blinds.

We hope this has brought you clarity about the pros and cons for both curtains and blinds. Both are great options for window treatments. If you have any questions regarding the differences between curtains and blinds, please contact us today at Ashtons Blinds.